Rock Academy: Ordering/General

Rock Academy: General

NOTE: The children’s photographs are password protected to the general public, not because I want to protect the photos, but just for privacy for your children. The password was given in the News2You newsletter from the school, and you are welcome to share it with family or friends to also have a look.

It was a great pleasure taking the photographs for the school for 2011. I took lots, even of the children who’s order didn’t include individual photographs or siblings. It was just easier for me to take them all than to try and sort out who to leave out. Also for anyone who changes their mind about wanting a photo!

I had huge fun doing this and appreciate the opportunity and hope the photographs I’ve selected for printing are satisfactory to you (if not let me know please!). If anyone wants more of these photos please contact┬áme. Just send me the name of the photo and what size and how many (if you click on the photo you’ll see the name).

Prices for prints are as follows:



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